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In a world of darkness and danger, where secrets lurk in every shadow, one young necromancer is determined to uncover the truth and rescue his lost mother. Meet Faust Thaed, a courageous 15-year-old trapped in the treacherous realm of the Nether After. Haunted by the memory of his beloved mother, taken captive by the enigmatic Leiche Guard, Faust’s journey becomes a relentless quest for answers. As he navigates the eerie landscapes, he finds solace in the company of ghosts, drawing upon their arcane powers to fuel his necromantic abilities.

Faust’s path is fraught with unimaginable perils. From harrowing encounters with ravenous poltergeists to facing off against bloodthirsty monsters and cannibalistic predators, every step brings him closer to the truth and the menacing soldiers of the secret police.

Thrills abound as Faust’s clandestine adventure unfolds, his fate hanging in the balance as he battles not only for his mother’s life but also for his own. Every choice he makes, every spell he casts, could tip the scales toward triumph or catastrophe.

Will he rescue his mother from the clutches of the Leiche Guard? Or will his magical powers consume him, leaving him forever trapped in a realm of despair?

The Nether After awaits-will you dare to enter?

Nether After Book 1
Nether After Book 1
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Jodi Cox

A Word From The Author

Jodi Cox, exceptionally imaginative writing style and skillful use of language have charmed and captivated her readers, earning her a well-deserved reputation in the literary community. Intrigued and keen to know more about her work and life, perhaps? Fortunately, you can delve deeper into the world of Jodi Cox simply by following the link provided here. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in her literary works, learn more about her writing style, and discover how her unique cultural background has influenced her storytelling.

Jodi L. Cox
Illustraitor, Writer, Fine Artist and Speaker.

What Readers Are Saying


Reviews of the Nether After are coming in. You can read some of them here.

“Dark romp through the netherworld. I’ve read it multiple times now. Illustrations are amazing.  Tone of the book is Dark Fantasy but it’s not a European Fantasy everyone is used to. Instead, the story take place in the netherworld and mostly Xeno which appears to be the ruined remains of China after a nuclear event.”

Michael Phillips

Review Nether After Book: 1

“Love… love… love… the art work. The Nether After is creepy tale full of interesting mythology bases out of East Asia. The monster and ghost are original and not something I’ve seen before. The machinery and the ghost art are the best part. I like the careful attention to the art and the pacing of the book. It’s a real page turner.” 

Candece Wriggley

Review Nether After Book: 1

“Not your average steampunk novel. Nether After takes you all over China to places I had never even heard of. I had to look them up. Ends up most the places are real. The main character is 15 years old half Asian boy named Faust who is caught in between worlds of being not quite Asian and not quite European.  He suffers from people racist bias of him. This is actually a darker look at something that was prevalent during the Victorian era that everyone glosses over. I really enjoyed the book.”

Erica Myer

Review Nether After Book: 1

“Under represented ethnic heroes in YA.  About every character in the story is an ethnic minority and the author doesn’t obsess over these details as there only trait instead she represents them with deep characterization.  What I found interesting the book hints at a gay relationship, between two older men but the characters are not defined by the traditional stereotypical tropes you see when a character is gay. Disney and Marvel could learn a few things from the author. Cox writes diversity right.”  

Kelly Rodregiez

Review Nether After: Book 1

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